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In search of a high quality hunting trail camera that sends pictures direct to your mobile or computer look no further than the SCOUT 4G Game Camera.

Our Scout game camera here on the Sus Scrofa Hunting Supplies website are priced to match the quality. We tested and now personally use the SCOUT game camera and vouch for SCOUT's superior quality. We don't sell what we don't use.

More on our trail cameras:

  • What's the difference between these 2 types of cameras? 

"Trail Cameras" & "Game Cameras" are actually the same camera. 

They just happen to go by both names.

  • Wireless Trail Camera with Multiple Uses: Many people use game cameras for home security.

They do work excellent for this purpose as well. So not only can you scout deer and wild game with these, but you can photograph wild "home intruders" too!

  • How To Use: Each comes with extensive instructions and we also can provide you with personal tips and tricks on how to best use them.

Normally, a game camera is set in place for a period of a couple of weeks or a month before checked.

  • Ultimate Camo: One concern many have about Game Cameras is that they can easily be scooped up and stolen. This video here shares some great methods to prevent this.

Additionally, SCOUT trail cameras have perfect camouflage so you can easily blend them into the environment you want to set them in.