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Why You Need Pig Dog Collars & Chest Plates (& How To Custom Order)

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The Importance Of Pig Dog Collars & Chest Plates


That's why pig dog collars are a vital tool to use. Going without you put your brave 4-legged mate at a much higher risk to get hurt out on the field.

 JS Enterprises Harness Webbing Breastplates & Pig Dog Collars are designed to provide maximum protection while maintaining flexibility and with minimum weight.

We've been manufacturing custom made harness webbing chest plates for over 18 years.

And our standard-size pig dog breastplates and hunting collars we sell here on the shop come from these 18 years of fine-tuning the craft

These chest plates are likely perfect for your dog, but if not, we offer great and easy exchanges.

The ordering process is easy.

Just send it back with postage and we'll make you a custom one that is sure to fit perfectly.

We know what you expect when it comes to protection and we can provide what best suits your boar hunting dogs.

View Our Harness Webbing Dog Collars & Chestplates In Action!

JS Enterprises Harness Webbing Hunting Collars & Chest Plates

Ready-Made Sizes

Choose from our standard chest plates and collars that best suit your dog size.

Harness Webbing Breastplates are manufactured in four sizes:

- Sml
- SG (SG is in between small and medium)
- Med
- Lrg.

Rip/Neck pig dog collars manufactured in four sizes:

- XS
- Sml
- Med
- Lrg

Custom-Made Options

Enter your measurements to get started with the custom made option. We have 3 different types of custom made pig dog collars and breastplates:

1. Custom Made Breast Plates With Shoulder ExtensionClick Here For Custom Order Form

2. Harness Webbing Para-Aramid 3/4 Body Breast PlateClick Here To Learn More & Place Custom Order

3. Custom Made Harness Webbing Para-Aramid Neck CollarClick Here To Start Your Custom-Made Neck Collar Order

If you require a more precise fit for your dog, contact us to place an order for a custom made harness web breastplate or collar for your best mate.

For sales and service call us on 02 48 22 4591 or contact us via email here.

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