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  • DOG TRACKING COLLAR COMBOS (Garmin Astro 430, Alpha 100 T5, TT15)

    Garmin Dog Tracking Collar Combos - Astro 430 & Alpha 100 T5 & TT15, More!

    Looking for the best GPS tracking dog collar for your pig hunting companions? The Garmin dog tracking collar range is the #1 way to go when it comes to GPS tracking.

    This category features the Garmin Alpha 100 T5 Combo, the Astro 430 T5 Combo, the TT15 Dog Tracking Collar and more! An invaluable tool in the field, the Alpha 100 and Astro 430 T5 dog collar combos help you achieve optimum performance when hunting. 

    More On The Garmin Dog Tracking Collar Combos: 

    Train and track your loyal pig hunting dogs with ease.

    The Alpha and Astro dog tracker range help develop great hunting performance. You can find more about each individual collar combo within their product detail pages, but overall, here's some of what you will find with this excellent dog tracking collar Garmin range:

    • Easy to use handheld devices (even with gloves on!)
    • Track and train with the Alpha 100, as far as 7km away
    • 2.5-second tracking uptime
    • Preloaded with the TOPO Lite Australia & New Zealand versions.
    • Track up to 20 dogs (& exact hunter positions)
    • The Alpha 100 TT5 uses a custom-built electronic dog training technology called, Tri-Tronics®, along with the proven Garmin dog collar tracking greatness
    • The Astro 430 T5 Dog Tracking Collar Combo reaches further than the Alpha 100 (longer antenna, however, it is one-way tech)
    • Alpha 100 T5 crisp & clear touchscreen

    All Garmin tracking collars & handheld device combos are truly the best at what they do.

    The choice depends purely on what you need to get out of your hunting dogs and trips.

    To learn more about the Alpha TT5 Combo, the Astro 430 T5 Combo, the Alpha 100 T5 Combo, and the difference between T5 & TT15 Collars, you can visit the product pages for each and see the exact product details.

    You can also contact us anytime, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about them. Come into the shop, call us, or send us a message here on the site, and we'll get right back to you.

    Thanks for choosing JS Enterprises for your quality pig hunting equipment!


    Garmin Alpha 100 Accessories

    In this category we feature a wide selection of Garmin® Alpha + T5, TT10 & TT15 collar accessories, including:

    • Screen protector
    • The "Flexible Iron" screen guard
    • Explosion-proof tempered glass screen protector
    • Alpha 100 protection covers
    • Glow in the dark protection covers
    • The new SUPER GLOW silicon protection cover
    • Micro SD AUS TOPO map card
    • Micro SD Genuine Australia & New Zealand TOPO map card
    • Birdseye satellite imagery
    • Garmin® windscreen mount with 12V charger combo
    • 23cm Gooseneck windscreen suction mount

    These, plus many more Garmin Alpha accessories!

    For any questions about any of our Garmin accessories or other products, please get in touch anytime!

  • GARMIN ASTRO ACCESSORIES (430 / 320 / 220)

    GARMIN ASTRO ACCESSORIES (430 / 320 & 220) 

    The Garmin Astro GPS accessories include:

    • Protection covers
    • Windscreen mounts
    • Quad bike mounts
    • Chargers (DC 50, DC 40, DC 30)
    • Screen protectors

    Garmin GPS Holsters and Vehicle Mounts

    Featuring GPS holsters and mounts specifically designed for windscreens, ATV vehicles and quads.

    Alpha 100 & Astro:

    • Ram mounts
    • Windscreen mounts
    • GPS mounts

    Garmin GPS Antenna Replacements

    Browse our selection of GPS Antenna replacements for the Garmin Astro and Garmin Alpha 100, including:

    • Astro 320 Long-range antennas
    • Alpha 100 Long-range antennas
    • Astro / Alpha magnetic roof mount antennas
    • Astro / Alpha Bull Bar antennas

    For any questions you have about the GPS antennas, let us know and we'll be happy to help! Contact us here for any inquiries.


    DC30, DC40, DC50, TT10, T5 and TT15

    Collar Protection Covers


    DC50, DC40 and DC30 Collar Accessories

    Replacement Collars



Garmin GPS Dog Tracking Collar Systems & Accessories

Featuring Australia’s most popular Garmin handheld GPS and tracking collars for sale. We have a wide range of the best GPS Garmin tracking collar systems and accessories for your hog hunting dogs’ performance. From Astro to Alpha and at packages that can track up to 20 dogs, you will find what you need for your pig dog hunter companions:

In this area of the JS Enterprises online hunting shop you will find the following Garmin GPS Dog Tracking Collar Systems:

  • Garmin Alpha 100 combo tracking systems
  • Garmin Astro 430 combo tracking systems
  • Alpha & Astro Systems JSE custom Bundle Deal (with added essentials)
  • T5 and TT15 collars (dog tracking collars only)
  • Garmin handheld GPS (handheld device only)

You can purchase the GPS tracking handheld device without the collar. Or vice versa, the collar without the handheld. Or you can get the full Garmin dog tracking systems that have the ability to track up to 20 dogs!

The specifications and advanced features for each individual Garmin GPS tracker system are listed within its product page. Do take note that we have additional “bundle deals” with added accessories to tracking systems.

If you’re not exactly sure what’s best, just contact us and we’ll be happy to assess your situation and give you the info you need. You can call us anytime or send us an email via our contact form here.

JS Enterprises Garmin GPS Bundle Deals

Not only do we have an extensive selection of Garmin GPS Tracker Systems straight from Garmin. But at JSE, we have created additional value for you by bundling in necessary Garmin accessories into these dog tracking systems.

We call these our Dog Tracking Garmin GPS Bundle Deals.

JS Enterprises bundle deals feature the handheld device, the k9 tracking collar, plus added accessories suited for the Garmin systems that you will not want to be without when out pig hunting with your dogs. Accessories such as antennas, collar covers, replacements and more. You’ll find these and more within our JSE Garmin GPS Bundle Deals.

Dog Tracking with a Garmin Watch?

Need a Garmin Vehicle Setup For Dog tracking?

**The Alpha 100 and Astro 430 are fully compatible with Drive Track 70.

Garmin's Best Dog Tracking Device 

Chances are you already know these are the cream of the crop when it comes to getting the highest performance tracking with your dogs.

The handheld and tracking collar combos feature the T5 and TT15 collars.

Both dog collars are top-mounted and feature a high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS transmitter. This lets you locate your dog’s precise location with a fast 2.5 second update time as far as 7km out.

Plus, many more features including Buddy System tech, preloaded TOPO maps for both Australia and New Zealand, and much, much more that you’ll love to dig into and learn about as you discover all your tracking device’s extra capabilities.

We Ship Garmin GPS Australia Wide

If you’re looking for the best electronic dog training technology to train your pig hunting dog, Garmin GPS is the way to go. Come visit us in NSW and view them first-hand before purchasing. Or shop with us online and we can ship out your Garmin GPS Australia wide.

Looking for training, not tracking?

We ship our dog tracking collars Australia wide, however, if you’re on the lookout for training collars, we have "no-bark" and other dog training collars on the shop too:

Visit our Garmin Dog Training Collars here



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